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Tyler here, taking a break from my studies during a C.H.E.K. training course to give you an update. I was reading a book on the plane ride over here that had an interesting section on changing and the different logical levels that one is capable of changing. Let’s see where most golfers fit into this paradigm.

There is a hierarchy of logical levels that a person can change. Think of it like a pyramid:

At the top – Purpose
Level 1 – Identity
Level 2 – Beliefs and Values
Level 3 – Capabilities and Skills
Level 4 – Behaviour
Level 5 – Environment

The higher up on the pyramid you go, the harder it is to change that logical level. This makes sense. It is much harder to change your purpose than it is to change locations or atmosphere. The example is a company. It is easier to change the color of the walls than it is to change what the company stands for. But if you change what the company stands for, you will probably change the color on the walls.

You must be thinking that this is all interesting stuff but how does this apply to golf?

Tiger and John Daly are both golfers that have overhauled their games in the last decade. John Daly has done a tremendous job of getting healthier by going to the gym and eating better while Tiger overhauled the way that he worked his way around the golf course. John Daly took a big step for him by changing his Behaviour. As a result, it affects all of the levels below. Which means that he surrounds himself with different food and these heavy things that he now tolerates lifting. Tiger on the other hand made changes to his Beliefs and Values if not his Identity. He want from overpowering golf courses to working on shaping the ball. This forced him to look at his capabilities and skills and work on those -this is where the swing change came in. His behaviors changed slightly as a result of changing his skills. His fist pumps became more mild and he appeared to think his way around a golf course on a higher level. Environment? I’m not sure this changed much but if one of you knows Tiger, ask him and send me a message. I’ll update when I get an email.

So the higher up the pyramid you go, the greater the influence it has on the levels below it, but not the opposite. Just starting to work out doesn’t change a persons identity or values, but changing an identity or values might change the behavior.

Most golfers make quick changes to their environment (new clubs). Some might change their behavior (work out/take lessons). But very few start with a high level and make a commitment to themselves to be a healthier person and to use golf as a vehicle for being healthier. We, The Golf Fitness guys, know that this is a much tougher, yet more rewarding step.

Before you purchase a new driver this winter (environment change) think about what you really want to do/be as it relates to golf. If you have taken instruction in the past you may be wary of promised improvement, but the Titleist Performance Institute has helped make guaranteed improvement a possibility. But the only way it works is if you commit to the time it takes to see the results.

Remember, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Have a very productive off-season golfers and let us know what you’re hoping to work on this year so that we can help you. In fact, we may have a road map for those dedicated golfers coming soon, but until then, start reflecting on your golf identity and think about what you really want to change this year. make sure those goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Only you know what you are ready to change this year. If all you can afford (energy wise/commitment wise) is a environment change then go for it, but don’t kid yourself that it will be the end all and be all of your game.

That kind of change is going to take effort.

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Dee here!

What? What do I mean Mtn Biking and Golf?

Simple, the fine motor skills, visual acuity, feel for the land, being prepared for “what’s around the bend,” body posture, maintaining a relaxed mind-set, and hand-eye coordination are very similar.

You see, I used to race down-hill mountain bikes as a semi-pro and am still a mountain biker at heart. On my ride the other day, I was comparing the skills that were similar with golf and came up with the aforementioned list.

Now guess what? All of those attributes you do learn out on course or on the trail, but the fundamentals of those requirements can be created, re-produced and fine tuned in the gym!

So get your butt in the gym, since for a majority of us in the US it is “off season” and during this time it is ideal to be in the gym working on your body, AND regularly seeing your golf instructor to be working out the “glitches” in your game that you struggled with this last year.

The idea, of course, is to be prepared physically and game wise to play good golf! What a concept, eh?

Of course, if you have any questions, we’re here for you!

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Dee here to help you with some tips till thanksgiving that will keep you from gaining the holiday 10!

Can you believe Thanksgiving and the holidays are already here? Sheesh! Time flies!

So…are you?

Are you going to be 10 pounds heavier come 2010?

Well, each day this week, I will provide you with some tips to help you NOT hop on the train to “fatterville!”

Today, Monday the 23rd, it’s all about the mindset by commiting to yourself.

I want you to start preparing for Thursday in your mind. Wherever you are going, whomever you are seeing, whatever you are eating, I want you to visualize yourself being successful with the choices you WANT to make.

So what choices do you WANT to make on Thanksgiving day?

Really…get out a sheet of paper and write down what you WANT to do, not what you don’t want to, I call it your “personal covenant with yourself!”

For me, this is what I WANT to (and WILL do) on Thanksgiving…”my personal covenant”…

I will drink plenty of water all day long, especially during Hors D’oeurves
I am either not going to drink alcohol, or only have one glass of wine with dinner.
I am going to eat till being satisfied, not full
I will not succomb to “peer/family pressure” to “eat up”

That is my “personal covenant” to myself, and NOTHING will get me to waiver from it!

How about you?

What’s yours?

If you want support, make a comment and post yours up and I/we will be sure to help you “stay on track,” and to stay off the train to “fatterville!”

See you tommorrow!

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Today, it’s all about portions.

First, some tough love.

My sister responded to my post yesterday and said, “I thought it was a day to indulge!”

OK, valid question, BUT she trains everyday and works hard on her nutritional choices. So for her (or you if you are in the same scenario) I say go for it!

But for everyone else who don’t train everyday and make solid nutritional choices…listen up!

Here’s what you need to focus on- what to eat and what not to eat…

Drink water! Start when you get up with 8 oz’s (which you should anyway), then have 8 oz’s every hour up to the point you eat. You will be less likely to overeat if you do this.
Only have a “palm full” of hors d’oeuvres- and make them veggies or a protein snack
If you are going to drink alcohol, then make sure you have a protein or a fat snack with your drink so you don’t “over sugar” yourself which is what alcohol is…pure sugar!
Ok- at the Thanksgiving meal, here’s how your plate should look…

Split the plate into thirds- 1/3 protein- turkey/ham, 1/3 carbs- mashed taters/dressing and 1/3 vegies.

I am a believer in fats, good fats, so use some gravy on your turkey and stuffing, JUST DON’T OVER DO IT! That’s when you get into trouble!

Next, make sure those portions of each of the foods are about the size of your palm and , just like I said yesterday, only eat till you are satisfied!


Yes you can, but you have to wait for three hours! The difference is, this time you can’t eat it past 8 pm, and it has to be half the size of your original meal.

So try these simple tricks and it will help you be successful on Thanksgiving!

See you tomorrow!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for your continued support of Golf Fitness Guys, we are honored you choose us for your source for the best in golf fitness. We promise to continue to provide you with the best info that will help make you a great athlete and golfer too!

Turkey Day Workout!

Warm up and stretch till you feel prepared to workout. (If you don’t usually exercise regularly, please be careful and smart about your participation in this program, and only do this if you have your doctor’s permission!)

Now perform 2-4 sets of the following workout (2 for the beginner, 3 for intermediate, and 4 for advanced), with no rest in between each exercise until the end, when you will rest for 2 minutes and start over at the beginning.

All exercises should be performed at 10-15 reps depending on your ability and capacity…please be smart! If anything is painful, stop immediately!

Here we go!
In a station or circuit format…

1. Squats holding a dumb bell- right under the Adam’s apple- keep the chest up, belly button in while bending at the hips and ankles and your knees going forward.

2. Pushups- floor or on a bench- keep your trunk perfectly still and flat…don’t let your body sag!

3. Exercise ball hamstring curls- Lay on your back on the floor, put your feet on the ball, lift your butt to the ceiling, and while maintaining a straight body, pull your heels to your butt, then back to straight again- repeat

4. Bent over dumb bell rows- bend forward at the hips with the dumb bells hanging freely, using your butt and abs to hold you in this position- now pull the dumb bells up so they almost touch your ribcage by pulling your shoulder blades together.

5. Side lunge (or back lunge if you can’t do a side lunge)- with your chest up and upper body stationary, step sideways so the inside leg to where you started goes straight and the outside knee bends as your butt goes back…think of a squat position, butt with one leg out to the side and a almost straight knee.

6. Exercise ball dumb bell presses for chest (or use bench if you can’t balance on a ball)- lay back on the ball so your shoulders and head lay flat to the ceiling with your hips parallel to the floor- start with the dumb bells in your hands and your upper arms resting on the ball, abs braced and glues tight- push the weights toward the ceiling till they almost come together, return to start and repeat

7. Front and side raises for shoulders- with good standing posture (knees soft, chest up, abs braced) lift one dumb bell to the front and one dumb bell to the side so that the two make a 90 degree angle, then lower them and switch, the other to the front and the other to the side- keep repeating

8. Bicep curls- any kind

9. Tricep kickbacks- bend forward and keep upper arms parallel with the body angle you are standing at, then, by hinging at the elbow, straighten your arms so your entire arm is now straight, then hinge at the elbow again and repeat

10. Forward ball rolls- kneel on the floor with your forearms on an exercise ball, with a flat spine, abs braced, slowly roll arms out in front of you while your hips move as if your elbows and hip bones have a string attached to them. If this was true, when you moved your elbows forward, it would pull your hips forward as well. Now do the opposite to get back to start position, which is pull the hips back first which would pull the elbows back as well, repeat.

Now rest 2 minutes and repeat 1-2 more times!

For those of you who do this…do me a favor and make a comment of how you did!

God Bless and have a great Thanksgiving!

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