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Happy New Years Golfers!

Tyler here again, recovering from a recent relapse with my neck that limited my computer time. My new years resolution is to learn how to regain my health quicker (it’s unrealistic to wish for perfect health all the time) and to blog more frequently, and yes I will also try to do more video blogging this year. On to my anniversary

One year ago today I got the first symptom related to my neck. I had a hard time swallowing a piece of tomato in a salad. I felt like I was choking from something so small that it couldn’t possibly had been the issue. From this, a cascade began that left me bed ridden for two weeks and then spending the majority of the year bouncing from PT to Chiro to ENT to you name it. The bad news with this year is that I hardly remember what it’s like to sweat from working out, I’ve lost 10 lbs (mostly muscle) and I only played golf 5 times. The good news with this year is that it pushed me in a different direction in learning to analyze the body as it relates to the golf swing and I’ve been able to invest a significant amount of time in reading, which had I stayed healthy I would have been unable to do.

In my year, I had three big lessons: the powers of gluten, the mystery of the atlas, and the reality of the adrenals. I already explained how gluten affected me this year, let me explain the mystery of the atlas.

The atlas is your top vertebrae. Just like in Greek Mythology, Atlas held the world on his shoulders. In your body, your atlas acts like a funnel for your brain to become your spinal cord. This bone can get knocked out of place, and when it does you better watch out. It can cause all kinds of weird symptoms when it goes out. For me, I would have blurry vision and when I read the words would jump around the page. I had a twitch in my movement when I would go to move my head, I would have trouble thinking of the right word and often would transpose the first letter in words. Things like “fatten blackswing” instead of “flatten backswing” would happen much more frequently. These weird symptoms would consume me when they were occurring at a regular rate. It also seemed to contribute to my jaw popping and dizzy spells. How I learned about this was a fun experience.

Being involved in the TPI world, you hear about some of the brightest and best trainers and what they have going on in their worlds. At a conference, 3 different people suggested that I try a NUCCA chiropractor. I was skeptical because I had tried 2 different brands of chiropractors (one regular and one chiropractic neurologist who did applied kinesiology) a this time, so what would be so special about a NUCCA? Out of faith, I tried it the next time I was in California for a conference. I walked in and the first thing the doctor did was take X-Rays. Ok, he had my attention at this point. He gave the normal, “oh, very interesting” as he looked at my scans and then we went to a room where he turned off the lights and had me march in place for a minute. This was supposedly confirmation to the X-Ray. Afterwords, he had me lay on a table with my body in a precise position and he pushed on my atlas repeatedly for about 30-60 seconds. Then he had me lay there for 2 minutes and let it “settle in”. He warned me that when I sat up I was going to get dizzy. He was right. I sat up and the room spun around for a minute before he let me stand. As we were walking to the room to retake the X-Rays I felt every muscle in my neck relax. It was euphoric. After having my Jaw pop daily for a few months, I felt a smooth glide that lasted for about 4 days. I was convinced that we were on to things. I have had some treatments which have helped, but this first NUCCA adjustment was unparalleled.

The downside to this is that there isn’t anyone listed on the NUCCA website in the DC area. The nearest one was in Delaware. So even if you think that this might help you, unfortunately it might be a day trip to get it done. You will know in a matter of seconds if it helps and if it helps it will be life changing.

I’m sure that you’re wondering how this helps the golf thing? Maybe you don’t have crazy symptoms because your muscles are ok with you being out of alignment. Or maybe they are more like subtle annoyances than debilitating conditions but what about your golf swing. A majority of your balance and proprioception comes from this atlas relationship and the CHEK institute has seen a strong correlation between atlas position and head movements in the golf swing. One example would be a forward lunge – a total body shift towards the target at transition. This could easily be a result of a golfer’s atlas being rotated and the lunge a way to find a stable balance point before they can rotate. You could spend thousands of dollars on lessons to hear a golf pro tell you to start the swing with your lower body, but it could be fighting a losing battle if your neck is out.

If you are in an area where you can find a NUCCA and are curious, go check it out. If it is your problem, you will be amazed at the results.

As Dee indicated, I am going to be moving out west in a matter of weeks for two purposes: to pursue a great opportunity for me professionally and to continue healing my neck. They have NUCCA’s where I’m going. I’m willing to move across the country in order to be healthy, think about that the next time you feel to tired to drive down the street to the gym.

Good luck with those New Year’s resolutions golfers.

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Hello valued reader!

Again we aplogize for the look of the blog and our infrequent posts, we are going thru some changes and we are excited about them!

1. Tyler is moving to Scottsdale, AZ to live and work with Advanced Motion Performance which is what we will be doing in Vail at Red Sky Ranch all summer.
2. We are speaking at the Denver Golf Expo on Feb 12-14th at 2pm friday and saturday on “power equals distance.” We will also be doing 3D motion capture demos at the Mcgetrick Golf academy booth.
3. The weekend of the 19-21st we are doing a weekend of 3D motion captures for anyone interested in taking their game to a whole new level!
4. and Tyler will be going back and forth to San diego to see the awesome Janet Alexander at the CHEK Institute to get his head and neck better.

So please stay tuned as our goal hasn’t changed, to provide you with the best golf fitness, nutrition and game related info we can!

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