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Hello valuable readers, Dee here, and I’m about to off on a rant, so if you are sensitive, don’t like to be challenged, don’t like to hear the truth and don’t like to be called out, then now would be a good time to go to facebook or something and waste some time!

Part of me is pissed and part of me is sad, so for now I’m both…”pissad” (new word for the day!).

I’m “pissad” because as I was out on my road bike today, I passed two golf courses with about four holes visable from the path I was on. And at both courses, I stopped to watch some swings, but become struck by the fact that of 32 golfers (4 holes x four foursomes on each course = 32 golfers), ALL OF THEM WERE OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE, and ALL OF THEM WERE STRUGGLING WITH THEIR GAME because of their weight.

Of course while I was thinking this, I was reminded of the newest overwt and obese numbers that came out about three weeks ago (see the blog that I posted) that stated that more people (~32%) are now obese, and (~31%) are now overweight with kids following behind at close to 25% each obese and overwieght.

As much as what I was seeing is a true representitive of our population here in the United States, I got mad at how people have just “given up” on themselves, and that’s when I got sad.

As my “thought flood” continued, I started thinking about why so many, men in particular, end up playing golf as their “sport of choice,” and I think part of the reason is that it’s easy! Seriously…if you ride a cart, there isn’t much exercise at all! So it still seems that to the public, golf is an easy sport to play and doesn’t take much fitness to play like many other sports do.

Think about how golf is viewed for the most part, especially from a “male” point of view:
1. We try to hit it as far as we can to make ourselves look better or bigger than our opponents = insecurity
2. We miss a putt and cuss and blame the putter = immaturity
3. We move the ball a little bit or change our score = cheating
4. We think our “state of the art” clubs are better than our opponents (even though they don’t equate to lower scores!) = show off
5. We blame our back pain as the reason as to why our game sucks = laziness
6. Then we get hot dogs and a soda at the turn and cocktails afterward, and then players wonder why they have a hard time with the game and life in general!

I mean how pathetic is that! But, if you think about it, those adjectives above describe alot of people and how the run their lives…and that is probably the biggest reason why I think people have just given up.

Golf is a sport of integrity, honesty, precision, patience, skill, talent, love, hate, and athleticism! These are the values we promote, and will always do our best to help you with any of those that you struggle with!

Really my friends, that is why Tyler and I created Golf Fitness Guys, and why we talk about everything in life that could play a role in being a great golfer, because in our opinion, golf just isn’t a sport, it really is a lifestyle and speak a ton about how you look at life. Our goal is to provide you with the latest, most solid- research backed information you can get on:
1. Golf Fitness
2. Body therapy
3. Muscle Activation Techniques
4. Mobility, Stability
5. Strength, Power
6. Nutrition
7. Supplementation
8. Life issues- hydration, sleep, stress reduction, disease prevention, etc.

You see, we see golf and golf fitness as a lifestyle. Our golf fitness programs we make for our clients, including our PGA Tour winners, benefit their lives first, and they get better at golf because there lives begin to change for the better! Like I always say, “Golf fitness is Life fitness!”

So PLEASE, get off your butt, get outiside or into a gym; go to Whole Foods or at least buy as much organic food as you can; and make a change for not just yourself and your game, but for your kids and legacy after them! God gave you a healthy body the day you were born, and the only thing that has made it different since you’ve been old enough to make decisions for your health and fitness is YOU!

Thanks for listening, and I hope that it has stirred some feelings in you that will make you want to make a difference in your life.
You had the power to get where you are now and ONLY YOU HAVE THE POWER TO GET OUT!

If this is you, and you are hopefully not offended, and want come coaching on how to be better, then PLEASE contact us, and we’d be happy to help you get your life and game back!

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Dee here…Tyler and I want to know if there is anything that you have questions about that we can answer to help improve your fitness, body, or game?

Now’s your chance for free advice!
Ask away!

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Dee here, back from another TPI certification event!

BTW…did you know that you have absolutely NO reason why you shouldn’t be on a golf fitness program?

Know why?

Because there are over 4000 TPI certified professionals in the world that are ready to help you be a better golfer! Find one in your area.

Ok, the big mistake you are probably making is…stretching random muscles cause your golf instructor or personal trainer, or yoga teacher, or because you read it in Mens Health or Golf Digest! Here’s why:

As golf fitness pro’s, Tyler and I believe in seeking to gain “Mobility” in the body, not just flexibility, which would be gained if you just stretched. The difference is in the definition of Mobility, which states that, “Mobility is a combination of joint range of motion and muscle flexibility.”

So what this means to you is that you not only need to stretch, but you need to make sure that the joint that is crossed by the muscle you are stretching is mobile, aka, “free moving.” This is why I posted the tennis ball and foam roller videos, because they help the hip joints’ range of motion AND the muscles flexibility that crosses the hip joint. The result, increase mobility of the hip (and shoulder too since there is a tennis ball therapy video as well!).

To access those videos, just scroll down the page!

So, if you are making the big mistake of just stretching without making sure the joint is being addressed, you are wasting valuable time that could be making you get better quicker!

If you have questions about Mobility and stretching, just email Tyler or I, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!

Now go watch those videos (don’t forget to sign up for our you tube channel) and get more mobile!

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Hi guys, Dee here…in Minneapolis that is…

For yet another Titleist Performance Institute certification…but this time I am here to re-take level one fitness!
That’s right, Tyler and I are so commited to making sure that we are on the “up and up” with our continuing eductation and the changes that are taking place in the industry, that we often re-take certifications we have already earned.

I want to make sure that we are giving you, our loyal readers, the best information you can get, so that you are ‘raving’ fans of ours!

So stay tuned, as I will be posting today, saturday and sunday on valuable tid bits of info that you can benefit from!

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Hi everyone, Dee here with another video to help you “finish off those hips” and make them completely mobile!
Remember, these 3 videos when combined, can help reduce or eliminate low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and definately allow you to rotate more…so do them everyday till you work out all of your sore spots, and then go practice and play with your new ability to rotate!

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Ok obsessed golfers! Here is another way to get better shoulder turn which will allow you to separate better, creating more club head speed and distance.
Add this to you golf fitness program and warm up asap!

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Hi kids!

Dee here with your next video…

Watch this video to find out how to make your shoulders more mobile which will allow you to hit it farther without pain!

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Tyler here adding my 2 cents again concerning the dreaded chicken wing.  I don’t think this one is as controversial as the sway topic but I think there are some other factors to consider anytime you are addressing chicken wings.

Rotation is one of the big keys to the golf swing.  If you don’t rotate your chest through the ball then you are more than likely going to chicken wing.  This is one of those, don’t try to fix the chicken wing without fixing the rotation first type of things.  One of your goals in the golf swing is to swing the club out toward the target after you hit the ball.  You know this, I know it, and the brain knows it.  If you don’t have your chest open as you strike the ball then the left arm should bend to keep the club moving toward the target (if it stayed straight then the club would swing out to the right).  The one exception for this is if you are able to side bend like crazy.  I’ve only witnessed one person who was good at this, and his body is paying for it.

The reason I pick on this distinction is that rotation should happen first and if it doesn’t the chicken wing is going to show up.  I give lots of lessons where the golfer sees the chicken wing and immediately interrupts me with, “see, I’m bending my arm again.”  I always counter with, “did you rotate?”  Unless that is a yes, then I don’t care about the chicken wing, it is a cause and not the effect.  Fix something earlier in the swing and the chicken wing will usually disappear…that is of course, if you are physically capable of it.

Good luck golfers, enjoy the U.S. Open this week and see what you can learn from them.


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Greetings loyal readers.  Tyler here, following up on Dee’s post to put in my 2 cents on the sway and possibly adding to that “other causes” section.

For me the sway is a funny move.  We are taught at TPI school that sway is a sequence (and consistency killer).  It definitely makes it harder to control the bottom of the swing.  It definitely makes it harder to release the club the way Ben Hogan described it.   And it definitely contributes to a reverse spine angle – the number 2 cause of back pain.  So where am I going with this, all of these things sound bad, right?

Camilo Villegas and Vijay Singh both sway in their golf swing.  You can look at some swings on YouTube and see it, but 3D motion analysis has confirmed it.  They sway.  Camillo is top 5 in ball striking this year and Vijay is known for being one of the best ball strikers of all time.  So 2 great ball strikers sway, in my book that means that it can’t be all bad.  But if we evaluate them further we can see a little bit of what makes it work.

In order to sway you must practice non-stop.  Camilo has toned it down according to an interview he gave in January, but early on in his career he was a range rat – always working on it.  He would work on it, but he was not very technical.  He has said before that he sees his swing coach a couple times a year and gets stuff to work on, but it is mostly feel.  So warning number one, unless you are willing to hit balls everyday you are going to struggle with a sway.

In order to sway you must have a scoopy release.  Yes you heard me.  A scoopy release.  Both Camilo and Vijay have very active lower bodies and a release where the right hand works more under the left not as much around the left as is more common.  In order to lean the shaft towards the target, that means they must slide their lower bodies forward to get in front.  A slide with a scoop is hard to maximize distance with.  Unless you are a strong athletic guy, don’t sway or you’ll have trouble compressing the ball and getting distance.

In staying with the scoop, I want to bring up one last point.  If you feel/see/think that the club should be released in a scoopy fashion then a sway will help you and don’t try to correct the sway until you correct the release.  If you do, you will instantly start hitting the ball worse and won’t commit to not swaying long enough to make it automatic so that you can go after the scoop.  Scoop first, then sway.  Got it?

In closing, there are lots of reasons that a golfer will sway so attack them in this order.  First, clear the body.  Dee is right, if you can’t internally rotate your trail hip, if you can’t separate, if you have ankle problems then fix that stuff first.  Secondly, decide if you need to fix the sway.  If you sway and have contact issues (lots of fat and topped shots) then you should fix the sway.  This is easier to do on grass then inside because the contact will be one of your best forms of biofeedback.  Hitting on mats will let you be sloppy with contact AND with release, be careful with this issue.  Thirdly, if you are going to fix the sway, then look at the release first.  If you know what you want to do with your hands, it will make a lot more sense to not sway with your body.

Good luck golfers, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s post by Dee about the chicken wing.

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A sway is any excessive lower body lateral movement away from the target during the backswing that forces the weight to the outside of the back foot. This fault makes it very difficult to develop a proper weight shift during transition and the downswing. If there is no stable platform to drive their weight off of during transition, golfers will lose power and inadvertently try to develop speed in an inefficient manner.

1. Right Hip Internal rotation- is paramount for full rotation into the right hip without any lateral sway for a right handed golfer. If the body is unable to rotate around the right hip due to joint or muscular restriction, lateral movements will dominate the pattern.

2. Separation of Lower and Upper body- Separation of lower and upper body allows the lower body to laterally stabilize while rotating during a large shoulder turn. Limited trunk to pelvis separation is usually caused by reducing spinal mobility and shortened lat flexibility.

3. Glute Strength. The ability to stabilize the right leg during the backswing is directly proportional to the strength and stability of the glute muscles (your booty!) When it comes to lower body lateral stabilization, the glute medius is the king! It helps the right hip from elevating and shifting laterally during an aggressive coil into the right hip

Other causes-
1. Lack of understanding of proper technique
2. Injury to the hip, knee or ankle
3. Ball too far back in the stance

Sign up in the right hand corner for our Golf Starter Kit and you’ll find a golf fitness program that will  help you correct these issues!

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