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Dee here, back from another TPI certification event!

BTW…did you know that you have absolutely NO reason why you shouldn’t be on a golf fitness program?

Know why?

Because there are over 4000 TPI certified professionals in the world that are ready to help you be a better golfer! Find one in your area.

Ok, the big mistake you are probably making is…stretching random muscles cause your golf instructor or personal trainer, or yoga teacher, or because you read it in Mens Health or Golf Digest! Here’s why:

As golf fitness pro’s, Tyler and I believe in seeking to gain “Mobility” in the body, not just flexibility, which would be gained if you just stretched. The difference is in the definition of Mobility, which states that, “Mobility is a combination of joint range of motion and muscle flexibility.”

So what this means to you is that you not only need to stretch, but you need to make sure that the joint that is crossed by the muscle you are stretching is mobile, aka, “free moving.” This is why I posted the tennis ball and foam roller videos, because they help the hip joints’ range of motion AND the muscles flexibility that crosses the hip joint. The result, increase mobility of the hip (and shoulder too since there is a tennis ball therapy video as well!).

To access those videos, just scroll down the page!

So, if you are making the big mistake of just stretching without making sure the joint is being addressed, you are wasting valuable time that could be making you get better quicker!

If you have questions about Mobility and stretching, just email Tyler or I, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!

Now go watch those videos (don’t forget to sign up for our you tube channel) and get more mobile!

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Hi everyone, Dee here with another video to help you “finish off those hips” and make them completely mobile!
Remember, these 3 videos when combined, can help reduce or eliminate low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and definately allow you to rotate more…so do them everyday till you work out all of your sore spots, and then go practice and play with your new ability to rotate!

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Ok obsessed golfers! Here is another way to get better shoulder turn which will allow you to separate better, creating more club head speed and distance.
Add this to you golf fitness program and warm up asap!

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Hi kids!

Dee here with your next video…

Watch this video to find out how to make your shoulders more mobile which will allow you to hit it farther without pain!

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Dee here with some candid talk about pain.

Do you know that as a male golfer, 53% of you will have back pain at some point during the season. And if you are a female, 48% of you will.
Sad thing about that is that those numbers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to golf related injuries!

Yes, there are many variables that inevitably lead to pain or injury, but here are the five most common mechanisms that cause injury:
1. Poor body mechanics- These are the body mechanical issues that create compensation in your swing. These compensations show up as swing faults that every singe amatuer golfer has! Got body issues, then you will have swing issues…period!

2. Poor swing biomechanics- This one is easy…if you have swing faults, then your game will suck, and it’s this repetitive “suckiness” that will contribute to pain somewhere in your body!

3. Excessive practice (overuse)- Here’s a great piece of free info, STOP beating balls! Since when has the game of golf become sitting at a driving range hitting balls with the same club? You don’t do it during a round, so hitting 30-50 five irons certainly isn’t a very smart idea! As a player you should spend about 30% of your time on the driving range in “block” style practice, which is working on weaknesses in your game. The other 70% should be “random” practice where you are “visualizing shots” in your head and playing a course like you normally would, except you are at the driving range.

4. No regular exercise program- THIS ONE IS OUR BIGGEST GRIPE OF COURSE! Golf is one of the few sports where a majority of the players don’t have some sort of “physical foundation” upon which to use when they participate in their sport! A recent study still showed that most amatuer golfers don’t think golf is an athletic sport! HUH? ARE YOU CRAZY!? So when did swinging a weighted object around your body at over 90+ MPH not an athletic event? Get over it…golf is a highly athletic event, so stop making excuses as to why your so lazy and your game is so average! :)

5. Poor nutrition- That’s right, you eat like crap, you’re going to perform and feel like crap! Like they always say, “You are what you eat.” If you’d like to be a big mac and fries, then go ahead…just don’t expect any great outcomes in life or in golf! If you need help with nutrition, contact us and we can put a cellular specific program together for you.

6. Improper club fitting- Try this- get your body right first, THEN go and spend a thousand dollars on clubs, cause at least you will be more properly fit than if you went in and gof fit while your body “was a wreck!”
Remember, today’s equipment cannot live up to their factory expectations when the body that is swinging it is swinging it improperly! Example- Charles Barkley or Tiger Woods swinging the same club…who’s going to get the most potential out of the technology…Hmmm, kind of a no brainer, eh?

So in the end, realize that pain is an indicator. It means you have physical issues that are creating it, now just find someone qualified to fix those issues and watch your game go to the next level!

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Is your kid a jr golfer between the ages of 2 and 8 and excited about the game?

Here’s a few questions for you…
-Do you have them practicing with a pro on how to play the game?
-Are they using modifed clubs that used to be yours?
-Do you have them focusing on Golf for the most part?

Listen up, because we think you may be screwing your child’s ability and potential to become the best golfer they can be!

And no matter what the instructor says, until they are at least 8 for boys and 9 for girls, they shouldn’t be swinging a club!
Instead, they need to be focusing on the “fundamentals of movement!”

What is that you ask?


It’s all about play! PERIOD!

Remember how you used to play when you were a child? We got kicked out of the house and came only when we heard a “whistle!”

Am I right?

During that entire day we swam, climbed trees, built things, dug, kicked different kinds of balls, threw rocks and balls, walked on slippery rocks and through creeks, balanced on fallen trees, pulled, pushed, wrestled, crawled “army” style, hung from tree limbs and monkey bars, and just played.

Well guess what? As certified TPI (Tilteist Performance Institute, www.mytpi.com) professionals, we believe that this is how you create a foundation for great athletes! It is based on decades of research from countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand (see www.ltad.ca).

Course we all know that great athletes make great golfers, so how can you be putting your young golfer into golf exclusively at such a young age?

Here’s what you should do..
-let them play, take them to martial arts and gymnastics and swimming, and dance lessons!
-let them play multiple sports, up to 3 till the age of 12!
-Kick them out of the house to go play outside!

In the end, all of these suggestions will create strong “fundamental movement skills,” and once those are developed, then you can begin teaching them “fundamental sports skills” like golf.
But please don’t limit your childs ability to become “physically literate!” If you were to do this with school your child would be considered “educationally il-literate.”

It works the exact same for physical “education” as well…so please don’t raise a physically il-literate child…we don’t need any more than we already have!

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