Golf Fitness Common Swing Faults - take 2 at chicken wing

Tyler here adding my 2 cents again concerning the dreaded chicken wing.  I don’t think this one is as controversial as the sway topic but I think there are some other factors to consider anytime you are addressing chicken wings.

Rotation is one of the big keys to the golf swing.  If you don’t rotate your chest through the ball then you are more than likely going to chicken wing.  This is one of those, don’t try to fix the chicken wing without fixing the rotation first type of things.  One of your goals in the golf swing is to swing the club out toward the target after you hit the ball.  You know this, I know it, and the brain knows it.  If you don’t have your chest open as you strike the ball then the left arm should bend to keep the club moving toward the target (if it stayed straight then the club would swing out to the right).  The one exception for this is if you are able to side bend like crazy.  I’ve only witnessed one person who was good at this, and his body is paying for it.

The reason I pick on this distinction is that rotation should happen first and if it doesn’t the chicken wing is going to show up.  I give lots of lessons where the golfer sees the chicken wing and immediately interrupts me with, “see, I’m bending my arm again.”  I always counter with, “did you rotate?”  Unless that is a yes, then I don’t care about the chicken wing, it is a cause and not the effect.  Fix something earlier in the swing and the chicken wing will usually disappear…that is of course, if you are physically capable of it.

Good luck golfers, enjoy the U.S. Open this week and see what you can learn from them.


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